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Jovitha´s Montessori Kindergarden: A Great Beginning

In Tanzania the way of “Montessori” education is until now quite revolutionary. Jovitha Lyimo is a teacher and was working many years in Montessori Kindergarden and is still involved in teaching teachers the way of Montessori. In A Great Beginning she started her own Kindergarden where she is helping kids from 2 to 5 years old to have a great start in life.

Samaritan Village Orphanage and Dispensary

Samaritan Village exists for the purpose of implementing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and preach the gospel, by providing physical, mental and spiritual care for orphaned children in Tanzania, Africa. 

Samaritan Village is a private, non-profit organization established and run by volunteers to develop, expand and maintain a Christian orphanage to care for abandoned and orphaned children.

Their goal is to to reduce the number of abandoned children and the deaths of children in Tanzania by providing care for those whose parents have either died or abandoned them and who have no relatives responsible for their care. This is accomplished by providing a safe and stable Christian home environment where children are provided food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care.

You are welcome to volunteer in the orphanage. Take care for the lovely babies and kids. Wash them, feed them, cook and clean, help the older kids after school with their homework, play with them in- or outside. Help the nannies their with all the daily things to do. Experience Tanzania´s local food by joining the stuff for chai in the morning and lunch time.

There is also a little farm. So if you like to take care of the chicken and cows and to help in the garden you are very welcome to do this too.

If you are a nurse or doctor or have another medical background you are welcome to volunteer in the dispensary. Helping hands are needed there as well.

Check out their website:https://www.samaritanvillageorphanage.org/

A variety of other changing projects are available too. A family project in Monduli for example. Just ask as for further information.

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