The House

Najalihouse is located in a local but safe neighbourhood in Arusha. You will be living with other volunteers in a 4-bed-dorm. Here will be the home base for your project work. The house is in a safe compound we share with several families. The compound is surrounded by a wall and an electric-fence and we have a nightguard who is taking care for our security too. The daily transport will be organized by us. We make sure you get to your daily work in a safe way. Someone of our team is always living onside the house too. You have a lovely room which you might share with other volunteers. You don´t mind sharing the washroom with them. We have once a week a dada who is helping us to keep clean the house.

As we live there ourselves too we trust in you that you take good care of our stuff 🙂 We share our wonderful home with you. You have access to internet, a washing machine, a well equipped kitchen, a front porch and a little garden which is inviting to sit there and take a deep breath and think about the daily experiences. We also love to take you out in Arusha to experience life, get grocery in the supermarket, experience local food or nice western restaurants. And if you need your privacy and don’t want to go anywhere – we accept this too. Just be open before and during your stay to discuss and find the perfect way for you to experience Tanzania.

We from Najalihouse have the dream to make it an unforgettable and lifechanging journey for you.

Karibu Tanzania!

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