Prices and Terms

To make it as easy as possible here you find the Prices and Terms if you decide to join us for some time. Important therefore is: you are above 18 years of age (or you come as a family) and you are mentally and physically able to join our program.


Everything starts with filling out our registration form on our website. You find some of our projects on our website but there are more and we will help you to find the right one. After you choose a project and fill out the registration form we as Najalihouse will answer within maximum of two working days and confirm the registration. After your confirmation we provide a little handbook with many information for your upcoming life changing stay with Najalihouse. No later than six weeks prior arrival the program fee, depending on the program duration, must be payed.


Our Fee is 125 EUR per Week. The fee includes Bed & Breakfast, Airport Transfer, Transfer to the Projects. One Arusha-Citytour in the beginning of your stay. Free Wifi in the house. Free use of the washing machine.

In case you decide not to participate in the program after the confirmation has been made, the program fee is refundable up to three months in advance by a 50%, up to six weeks in advance 25%, less than six weeks prior to departure there is no refund of program fees. If already in Tanzania and you interrupt your stay prematurely, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of costs already paid.

Cancellation by Najalihouse:
Najalihouse reserves the right to dismiss participants who do not follow the rules set by Najalihouse and/or the Tanzanian laws. In this case there is no entitlement to reimbursement of costs already paid.

Project intermediation:
The project placement will be arranged taking into consideration the wishes and ideas of the participants as well as ability and demand of volunteers/interns. Nevertheless, it must be considered that sometimes the projects may receive volunteers and interns from other sources. Therefore, in exceptional cases it can happen that the desired project is not available. In this case Najalihouse will propose an appropriate and equivalent replacement project.

A project change is only permitted if justified, upon agreement with Najali. Nevertheless, the participants will have the opportunity, if discussed in advance, to participate in more than one project.


Mariya and Semu live both onside the house and you receive on your arrival day their phone numbers and the phone number of your project leader.

Security & Disclaimer
The district Arusha where the house is located is a local, but safe area. We are protected by a high wall and a night guard. Nevertheless, Najali House assumes no liability for any lost or stolen items from the hostel.

Accommodation and board
Our participants are accommodated in our house in a 4-bed-dorm.

The board in the accommodations consists breakfast. Lunch will be provided in almost all projects. Breakfast consist tea, coffee, bread, margarine, honey, peanut butter, jam as well as fruits and vegetables. Dinner is on your own. We offer to go out with you to get supply for your own cooking or to go for dinner. Sam and I know wonderful and safe places to experience Tanzanian or Western food (whatever you want to go for).

We expect the participants to observe the conditions laid down by Najalihouse. This includes to keep the home clean and tidy, sometimes to help with the cooking, tablecloths and washing dishes. Bedclothes and towels are provided and can be changed when needed.

Information about visa regulation, insurance, health provisions and more can be found in the ”Frequently Asked Questions” and in our handbook you will receive once we received the registration fee.

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