Najali – time to care


Najali means in kiswahili ” I care”. And we at Najalihouse do that. We care for vulnerable children, orphans and families in Tanzania and our heart goes out for empowering them. Welcome joining us as a volunteer. Get involved in changing life’s – and you will change your own.

Some of our projects

Montessori Kindergarden: A Great Beginning

If you want to hop in this very special and in Tanzania quite seldom Montessori Kindergarden just tell us. Jovitha Lyimo was working many years in a Montessori Kindergarden and is until now involved in teaching teachers the way of Montessori. In ” A Great Beginning” she started her own Kindergarden where she is helping kids from 2 to 5 years old to have a great start in life.

Samaritan Village Orphanage

We love this place where Josephat A. Mmanyi, the Onside Manager and his team are taking care of Children and Babies, who are orphans or who had been abandoned.

Samaritan Village Dispensary

If you have a medical background you are very welcome to provide your knowledge and time to the dispensary at the samaritan village orphanage.

What else can you do?

If you want to take the chance to go on safari during your stay just ask us. Arusha is the perfect place in Tanzania to start your safari or climbing a mountain or enjoying the wonderful beaches of Sanzibar.

Spend time as a Volunteer with us

We welcome you at Najalihouse. Be part of our mission to work together with wonderful projects in Tanzania where their goal is to empower vulnerable children & mamas & families or give access to a good health system for all of them.

We want to help as much moms and kids in need as possible in Tanzania. This is only getting true if many volunteers are careing and joining us. We promise to give our best to make your time unforgettable.